You would be surprised to find that the type of fence that you choose can affect your home’s overall exterior and its value. This is why you should be careful when you are picking the fence that will complement your home. You should know the benefits that it has to offer. Most of all, the type of fence that you use for your home plays a key role in ensuring the safety of your family. You want to go on your business trip knowing that they are adequately protected from any harm.

The types of materials that you choose to enclose your home can make a big difference. In addition, your fence is an important aesthetic element to showcase your eye for detail. Plus, if you want to have a fence that lasts longer, you should know more about the different types of fences that are available for you. Keep on reading to find out about these 8 different types of fences that can enhance your home.

1. Aluminum Fence

If you are looking for a fence option that you can customize, you should opt for aluminum. Not only is it lightweight and durable to last you a long time, but it also makes it difficult for any intruders to cut through it. If you have a family, you can be sure that they are protected from any suspicious activity. If you are conscious about your impact on the environment, you can worry less about your fence because your aluminum is completely recyclable. For all you know, the fence that you are going to install has had many lives and uses before you came along. Aluminum is a great option for you, and it requires little to no fencing repair services. This is a great benefit that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Are you always making sure that you buy affordable materials? With aluminum, you can achieve your fencing dreams for a lower price than with other fencing options. You don’t have to stick to using it as a decorative element, you can use it to enhance your entryway. Alternatively, you have the option to use it as a security gate for your pool. It is welded together, so you don’t have to be concerned about your children’s safety. Aluminum fencing can be an exceptional security fence to suit your different needs.

2. Wood Fence

You would be surprised to find that there are various types of wood fences. Having to choose between these to find your best fit can take a lot of time and a bit of research. For instance, if you are looking for a wooden fence that you want to last the longest, you should consider looking at redwood or cedar. These are types that can last you for up to 20 years because they’re made out of a resistant type of wood. Generally, your posts are usually the first thing that deteriorates, but you don’t have to worry about your panels. They usually last the longest because you won’t let them touch the ground.

The following are the most common types of wooden fence categories.

Wood picket fence

Wood lattice fence

Louver fence

Vertical board fence

The standard use of your wood fences is in your garden or front yard. But you can also use them to create enclosures for your deck or pool house. Optionally, you can even use these types of fences as an effective way to protect your home against wind. They also work best if you want to keep your nosy neighbor, Karen, away from prying.

3. PVC or Vinyl Fence

Are you someone who enjoys trying out new things instead of sticking to the ordinary, you should enjoy exploring different types of vinyl fences. Vinyl fencing works best if you are someone who likes wood but wants a low maintenance fence. The thing is your vinyl fence is made from a plastic-based material that should not crack like wood over time. If you don’t like dealing with the rot caused by insects on your fence, then this is one of the great options for your needs. Additionally, you have a variety of styles and colors that you can choose from. It’s up to you whether you prefer the short picket fence type or a taller fence to give you and your family the utmost privacy.

Even though a vinyl fence can provide you with many benefits and options to choose from, you should still be aware that there are some disadvantages of installing one. For instance, terrible weather can have adverse effects on your PVC fence. The more extreme the weather, the more likely is your fence susceptible to damage. In addition, you have to worry about staining from mold and other fungal growths on it. But the good news is that your fence is easy to maintain and repair.

4. Wrought Iron Fence

Have you ever noticed the houses in your neighborhood that are fenced with iron that is shaped in various designs? Solid wrought iron is a durable and malleable material that is handcrafted to perfection to meet your most urgent security needs. In addition, it is an easily customizable option. If you are looking for more reasons why you should consider using this type of fencing, you should see the ones summarized below.

Long Lasting

If you are looking for a material that will give you value for your money, then this is it. It can last for many years. You don’t have to concern yourself about it drying out or warping like other materials such as your wood.


Did you know that wrought iron is more than three times stronger than your standard fencing materials? Yes, you read that correctly. It is one of the hardest materials to break. You can sleep through the heaviest storm and not worry about your fence being damaged by the strong winds.

Good Visibility

If you have eyesight problems or other related concerns with poor visibility, you are not alone. This is why it is important to choose residential fences with adequate visibility. Your wrought iron is properly spaced out to give you better focus on the backdrop of any profile.


If elegance and a classic style are what you are looking for, then look no further. A wrought iron fence is the type of fence that you choose if you want your neighbor to see your style. You can have a wide range of styles and design shapes to choose from.

5. Chain Link Fence

This type of fence is what you would call ‘an oldie but a goodie’. It’s been used for decades as the most preferred fencing option. Why is that so is what you may be wondering. It is one of the most economical materials that can offer you the kind of versatility that you want in a quality fence. Gone are those days when you would think a chain link fence is just galvanized metal. Nowadays, you can have a wide variety of these types of fences, with a vinyl chain link fence being the most commonly used. You can find this type used in your backyard, your children’s local playground, and even your communal dog park.

You may have come across different reasons why a chain link fence may not be a good choice. But, these following reasons why it is in fact good for your needs should change your mind.

You can use it for your perimeter security.

You can add composite noise panels to maximize your privacy.

Commercial concrete services can use it for concrete posts.

You can enclose different parts of your home.

The installation is quick.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance and repair costs.

6. Electric Fence

When you are thinking of a fence you want to find one that will ensure the safety of your family, including your pets. You want them protected from dangerous criminals and scary animals. When you consider your building installation of your fence, you want to maximize on barriers as much as you can. In addition, if you have animals that require grazing, you should manage their needs efficiently. This is how an electric fence comes into the picture.

With many benefits, you still need to know what components make up your electric fence. This should help you to decide on whether it is an ideal choice for your needs and affordable or not. These are the components that your electric fence will include.

An Energizer to emit an electric pulse.

A conductor to ensure that it’s always powered up.

Posts to fit your conductor.

Insulators in case you have wooden or iron posts.

Earthing to create a loop with your Energizer and conductor.

The following are the benefits that you should reap when you choose an electric fence.

1. It can be low cost because it should provide the same results as a standard fence with less materials.

2. It’s easy to build. And if you follow the rules properly, you can build it yourself.

3. Since it’s not exposed to the physical pressure from your animals, it can last longer than any other fence.

4. It protects your property from invasions from animals and people alike.

5. When you have installed it, you don’t have to spend a lot on the maintenance.

7. Bamboo Fence

You would be surprised to find the number of economic and environmental benefits that you can get from installing a bamboo fence. Bamboo has many uses. From textiles to siding, the options are limitless at this stage. But if you are looking for a great alternative to your traditional fence, then this may be your best bet. In addition to using your bamboo to fence your home, you can use it to achieve your landscaping goals. This environmentally-friendly material has been used by your local landscaper to create eye-catching designs.

If this is the first time finding out that bamboo can be used as a fence option, you are not alone. This is why the following advantages of using bamboo should help you.

It’s inexpensive to source or to install.

You will use one of the most environmentally sustainable materials.

You can find it in a variety of colors and styles.

The closely packed poles provide you with maximum privacy and protection.

8. Precast Concrete Fence

When you are looking for unlimited possibilities for your designs, you want a fence that is flexible enough. Precast can is not only known for its durability and low maintenance capacity, but it has been used to enhance your home’s aesthetics. This water resistant and fire resistant material has been lauded for its safety capabilities. Moreover, if you want a fencing option that can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs, precast concrete is the type of fence that you should use.

You will be glad to know that caring for and maintaining your precast concrete is easy. If you follow these tips you should ensure it lasts longer than any fence in your neighborhood.

Seal it to avoid any spills.

Clean it annually.

Keep it away from extreme heat.

Use anchoring cement to keep water from damaging your posts.

The Bottom Line

Being a homeowner is not as easy as people think it is. You have to worry about paying for your home loan, figure out how you will afford renovations, and find effective ways to protect your family. It is a challenging job for you. This is why worrying about which fence is most ideal for your needs should be the least of your worries. Using this guide should not only help you to determine which fence type is needed for your home. It should also help you to understand the benefits of each fence better.

Additionally, it is always great when you know which fence has less impact on the environment. You want to find a fencing solution that promotes your sustainability goals. These 8 fences should provide you with benefits that are ideal for your needs.



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