The things that can go wrong on a new construction site could fill a book. Make that several books. From construction crews failing to meet important deadlines in spite of fines to home inspection services finding that electricity for an entire floor has not been installed, there are any manor of problems that can occur at both residential and commercial construction sites.

For this reason it is important that occupancy be delayed until with residential or commercial building inspections are complete. And while it can be tempting to make allowances when building schedule are running behind and future tenants are getting impatient, it is required by law that home inspection services, and commercial building inspections as well, are allowed to complete their jobs. When corners are cut and guidelines and regulations are ignored, it is not only a building that can be put in jeopardy, it is also the residents and personal belongings that are in danger.

Residential and Commercial Property Inspection Services Provide Valuable Information

From HUD guidelines to other kinds of inspections that are required before loan money can be released, there are many times when nationally certified inspectors are required to sign off on projects. Most specifically, commercial building inspection teams can have several kinds of guidelines that they are in charge of. In taller buildings, for example, it is important to get a certified wind mitigation inspector to verify any new construction, as well as some kinds of remodeling products.

In large commercial buildings several hundred, and sometimes thousands, of people rely on the accurate and thorough inspection of the spaces where they work. From elevators to escalators to window and heating duct placement, there are many steps that have to occur before a building can be opened for occupancy. At the end of all of the construction, of course, fire and water sprinkler systems also have to pass inspection. And in a time of some of the most violent weather that mankind has ever seen, there are special requirements about safe rooms and the thickness of doors and vents to open to the outside. The entire process can seem daunting on the largest of buildings and it is because of this specificity that so many people rely on the oversight of the general contractor.

Local Residential Inspectors Must Also Approve Spaces Before Real Estate Transfers Can Take Place

In the end, the average home inspection takes between two hours to four hours to perform. This final inspection, of course, is only at the end of many other parts of the building and individual pieces of equipment being checked. And while no one wants to wait longer than they had planed to get into a new home, it is essential that you wait for the regulatory processes to be put in place before you take over ownership.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that the home inspection process protects both builders and future home owners:

  • Not surprising, as many as 90% of surveyed U.S. homeowners indicate that they believe a home inspection is a necessity.
  • One of the reasons that a home inspection can take so long is that an average one will require upwards of 500 data points, a process that cannot be rushed.
  • As many as 70% of surveyed home owners indicate that their home inspection helped them avoid potential issues that could have been expensive in the future.
  • In fact, as many as 64% of home owners indicate that they saved a good deal of money as a result of their home inspection results and findings.

Both residential and commercial building inspections may seem long and challenging, but it you are preparing to make the most major financial investment in your life, it is important that you know you are getting a building that has been completed in a safe and responsible manner. An inspection is one important way to verify this safety, and hold builders and contractors responsible for the work that they have completed. When you are anxious to get into a new space you can be tempted to want short cuts. In the end, however, that is indeed a shortsighted approach.

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