Do you own a tree removal business and are wondering what needs to be in your contract for a job? In the attached video, the reporter goes into five things that should be in this contract. Let’s have a look. 

To begin, the reporter emphasizes the importance of having a contract for your business, stating it’s essential even if it seems unnecessary.

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He then explains that the first thing that needs to be in the contract is the general scope of the business. What does the business do, and what services will you offer to your client?

The next thing that needs to be in the contract is a performance window. This is when you are going to get to the customer and what the customer should expect. Then, outline the price. This way, there are no secrets for the business or the customers. The next thing to include in the contract is the conditions, such as how to handle the removal of any pet waste on the job site.

These are just five things that need to be in your business contract. If you are running a tree removal business and need help writing your contract, be sure to keep all of these things in mind.

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