In this YouTube video, River Pools runs through a list of things to consider when looking for the best pool installation company. Before getting a swimming pool installation quote, homeowners should be on the same page about several things.

A person should know whether all property owners agree to have a swimming pool installed on the property. Without their agreement, a contractor will not proceed with construction.

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People should agree on what features are the most important to them. Some people want one end to be deep with the other shallow, while others are more focused on the shape or length of the pool.

People should know what is important to them about the builder they choose. For example, some homeowners want to work with pool installers who are very focused on deadlines, while others prefer to work with those focused on landscaping and design.

Homeowners must know what their current budget is. Setbacks can happen during construction. Other issues can be found during a dig that will need to be remedied before continuing with pool installation. Spending less than the budgeted amount is essential to allow a financial buffer.

Homeowners should understand the fundamental differences between concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools. Local zoning requirements may require one over the other, and some are better in some climate zones than others.

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