When it comes to creating more storage in your bathroom, there are many ideas for bathroom cabinets that can get you the space you need. Keep reading to learn some storage ideas for bathroom cabinets.

The first storage idea for bathroom cabinets are over-the-toilet bathroom cabinets. Above the toilet is one of the most underused areas in any bathroom.

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Adding bathroom cabinets above your toilet makes great storage for towels, toilet paper, and other items.

The second storage idea is bathroom wall cabinets. Bathroom wall cabinets come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and materials. They help to free up counter space, improve look and functionality, and can even feature towel racks.

The third storage idea is linen cabinets. These bathroom cabinets are taller and more narrow than wall cabinets. Most feature drawers or doors and come fully assembled and may even include adjustable shelves.

The last idea is medicine cabinets. These feature storage inside and a mirror outside. They blend seamlessly into your bathroom when placed above the sink and come fully assembled with adjustable shelves.

For more bathroom design ideas, visit bathroom cabinet stores near you or watch the video above!


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