A tub to shower conversion makes things easier for freshening up and getting ready for your day. While baths can be a superb experience, not to mention, relaxing, they often take up more space. If you’re looking for a professional take on a tub to shower conversion, watch this full video, for some tips and information from the expert How to Bob.

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Advantages of Tub-to-Shower Conversions

  • You can boost your home’s value because having a shower rather than a tub is considered more modern and can have better aesthetics.
  • As mentioned a shower will save you more space and is perfect, especially when you have a small bathroom.
  • Showers make for easier access as opposed to climbing in and out of a bathtub. This is another thing to consider even for seniors as tubs will be more challenging to get in and out of.
  • You’ll save money on your water utilities as taking showers uses far less water than running a tub.

To do a tub to shower conversion, you want to make sure that you’re removing all the old fittings like the faucet, faucet handle, drain, and other bits. Next, you want to remove the actual tub and if it is made from fiberglass, you’ll be able to cut through it for easier removal. The space where the tub stood will be tiled and the walls will also be tiled surrounding the new shower. Next, install the shower enclosure and you may also decide to opt for a walk-in shower which doesn’t require frames and doors.

Get a professional bathroom contractor to help you fulfill this project and soon, you can start enjoying your new shower.


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