Treating emerald ash borer

The emerald ash borer a species of beetle that is native to Asia and Eastern Russia, but is considered invasive to North America. The first sighting of the ash borer beetle in the United States occurred in Michigan during 2002. Since that time, many of the top landscaping services have been providing their customers with emerald ash borer treatment services in an effort to control the increasing ash borer nuisance.

Nobody knows for sure how the ash borer ended up in the United States, but a popular theory posits that North American-bound beetles made their overseas journey via the wooden packing material used by both air and sea cargo vessels. If you have ever seen the cheesy 70s made-for-TV movie Terantulas: The Deadly Cargo you probably get the idea. Of course, the emerald ash borer is only deadly to ash trees, not humans.

As its name implies, the emerald ash borer thrives on ash trees. There are 16 different species of ash tree in the United States, and each is vulnerable to ash tree disease, which is a tree sickness that destroys trees that are infested by the ash borer beetle. Although it is impossible to know for sure how many trees the ash borer has destroyed over the years, environmentalists estimate the number to be in the tens of millions.

The ash borer problem has become so serious that many savvy ash tree owners make emerald ash borer control a routine part of their landscape design ideas. This makes total sense, given the fact that a serious ash borer infestation can kill their ash trees, and completely ruin the look of their landscapes.

The bottom line is if you have ash trees on your property, you should consider making ash borer treatment a part of your landscape design ideas. After all, healthy trees are one of the most important parts of your landscape, so you need to make sure you keep them that way.

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