Best custom cabinets

If you want to put an exclamation mark on a den, living room, or study, then a custom fireplace is the perfect focal point for your house. Custom fireplaces for homes have increasingly become a popular choice for luxury home builders, architects, and designers alike, not least because they offer an interesting alternative to the domineering television. Often, older homes come with a variety of fireplaces and mantles, and renovating these fireplaces with a classic-yet-modern look is a great way to upgrade your home decor.
And while wood might seem like something you put inside your fireplace, custom woodwork is the secret to designing the ultimate custom fireplace for homes. While many people have brick or stone surrounding their fireplaces at present, wood offers a surprisingly versatile design choice for the modern homeowner, either as an alternative or in combination with stonework.
When renovating your home’s fireplace area, you can choose from a number of high-quality wood materials like maple, pine, birch, oak, hickory, beech, cherry, silver maple, alder, and bamboo. Plus, there are a variety of long-lasting lacquers and finishes that can be used on these materials to create any kind of look or color you desire. Combined with other classical touches, like pillars, a handsome mantle, or custom wood bookcases and shelves, it’s possible to design a totally unique custom fireplace that perfectly matches your existing home decor.
The design options really are practically limitless: you can choose cabinets, pillars and columns, shelves, mantelpieces, stone-wood combinations, sound systems, TVs, and additional light fixtures to create an incredible place for family and friends to gather. Plus, as TVs become flatter and flatter, it’s increasingly popular for homeowners to mount a flatscreen TV above the fireplace.
In the past, bulky televisions would have blocked out a fireplace from view, and it was often necessary to make the TV the focal point of any room it was in. Not so today, now that it’s possible to design custom fireplaces with a space for a flatscreen TV. Instead, you can choose an elegant, timeless fireplace to draw the focus of your guests.

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