Even your typical plumbing company needs to brush up on techniques from time to time. Sometimes, a client requests something out of the ordinary, such as a sump pump replacement. If you rarely install these, or you want to do it yourself instead of hiring a plumber, watch this video to pick up how to remove a sump pump safely and replace it with a new one.

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If you need to install a sump pump instead of replacing one, this video still applies.

A sump pump is installed inside the basement’s sump pit. Its sensors automatically note when water enters the basement, triggering the device to turn on and pump the water out into an effluent line that moves it to a designated runoff area in the yard. This process keeps the basement from flooding and moves the water away from the home’s foundation. Think of it as the basement’s version of roofing gutters.

Some basins offer space for two sump pumps, a primary and secondary unit. The secondary or backup sump pump may operate using battery power or water power. The primary sump pump gets electrical wiring into the home. In cases of power outage, the backup sump pump takes over to handle moving water out of the basement.

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