Owning a swimming pool offers many benefits. Your swimming pool provides that place for activities and water fun at home, or a reason for you and your family and friends to get together. A swimming pool can also transform your yard, your outdoor living area, and your home. Maintaining and caring for our swimming pools, however, is a bigger job than most people are aware of until they have their own swimming pool. As the attached video shows, though, that is also where the benefits and help of pool maintenance companies can make a difference, and not only in the maintenance and cleanliness of your pool.

Basic pool maintenance, the most affordable option, typically involves annual chemical treatment.

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On the other end of the spectrum, a full-service maintenance package, which obviously costs more, essentially means you can enjoy your pool without worrying about chemical levels or testing, cleaning, or filters, and can even include preparing your pool for the beginning of pool season and preparing your pool for winter (draining, covering, etc.). These are also usually monthly service plans, but there is normally a variety of packages to choose from. Now, how much or how little help you want and how much time caring for your pool versus enjoying it is yours.

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