Simple devices called flame sensors are used to ensure that the gas valve only opens when there is fire, preventing potentially risky gas accumulation. One of the most common furnace flame sensor issues includes the gas furnace abruptly shutting down after being switched on and doing so numerous times before the furnace shuts down completely. Fortunately, homes frequently have flame sensor problems, which don’t often necessitate costly furnace repair.

The problem might be resolved with a simple cleaning.

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The user should identify the sensor in the furnace assembly and turn off the furnace’s electricity before doing anything else. It is a short metal rod usually bent and positioned in front of the burner flame stream. Once it has been located, the sensor can be accessed by removing the screw with a driver or wrench. The carbon buildup on the flame sensor can be carefully removed by rubbing it with sandpaper, steel wool, or a dollar bill. After cleaning, the rod can be dried with a cloth or paper towel.

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