Understanding roofing terminology will help you properly discuss the repairs needed for the roofs with roofing contractors. The following are some terminologies for roofing used in the video ’15 (actually 16) roofing terms you need to know Pro Exteriors and Construction’ that will make you sound like a pro when hiring roofing contractors:

Synthetic Underlayment
The term means any material, except felt paper or other natural building materials, applied as a base or a surface to a roof that does not completely cover the solid sheathing.

Valley Section
The term is used to describe sections of roofing that meet each other at an angle.

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A valley section, also known as a valley, or gable end, is where two roofs join together at the top of a building.

Turtle Vents
These are the small, circular sections of roofing that you see on many houses. The purpose of these vents is to help prevent the buildup of moisture in the attic by allowing excess water vapor to escape.

Impact Rating
The impact rating of a roof is how it can resist wind pressure. For instance, a 42mph wind rating means the roof has been tested to resist or withstand 42 mph winds.

Since roofing is a very important part of residential or commercial space, there should be proper knowledge about the terms used in this industry.

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