Dimond lighting

According to the 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, 46% of renovating homeowners cited good lighting as the most important feature in a master bathroom. Why? It’s simple. The bathroom is where most people spend the majority of their time getting ready for almost any occasion in their life — from the average work day to a date night or night on the town. Both men and women have activities often completed in the bathroom that require good lighting: for men, it’s shaving. For women, it’s makeup. Of course, these are far from absolutes, but rather, common trends. That being said, there are a number of reasons to consider modern recessed lighting as an alternative to traditional lights.

Modern recessed lighting adds an aesthetic appeal that transcends the simple light it provides. The fixture itself makes the area appear larger, more open, and brighter. Traditional lights can dangle and get in the way — think of how annoying a chandelier hanging too low can be. With modern recessed lighting, no additional usable space is taken over by bulky hanging lights.

Another benefit of modern recessed lighting from the top lighting brands and lighting companies is that they last so much longer than traditional lightbulbs in traditional lighting fixtures. The modern design and manufacturing style allows for the incorporation of a wider variety of lightbulbs, including ones that are LED and therefore last exponentially longer than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting based fixtures. This means that you can simply invest in the lighting professional installation, purchase the bulbs for a low price, and not have to repeatedly replace burned out bulbs that you always feel have just been replaced. Not only that, but the cost savings that come from reduced energy expenditure is a major benefit as well. What homeowner wouldn’t like to see their monthly utility bills reduced, even if by just a marginal amount?

Ultimately, understanding these benefits of modern recessed lighting can help you make the best decision regarding your bathroom renovation needs. Consult a designer lighting company for more information.

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