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Chances are you, or someone you know, has had to relocate. The Census Bureau estimates that every year, since 1980, roughly 43 million Americans end up having to relocate. That is about 16.8 percent of the population of the United States. Among renters in the United States, a third move every year.

Many of these Americans have to move because they get hired for new job. While Americans working is no doubt something we all like to see, it can be a headache for those who have to contend with the stress of moving themselves, and often their family, to a new place. One major problem that people encounter when relocating is having to deal with the difficulty of selling their old house.

The problems are not just encountered by individual employees. In 2013, roughly 32.9% of corporate businesses said that they had considered relocation. Of those who did relocate, 70% said that they wished the process would have gone smoother.

Fortunately, there are companies that provide relocation services that can aid in the relocation process. Corporate relocation companies can help employees in moving by taking care of selling their old home. By removing this burden from the shoulders of the employee, corporate relocation companies free the individual to focus on settling into a new city and job. Corporate relocation companies can also save businesses money by creating tax effective ways to compensate employees for their relocation costs.

Today, relocation no longer has to be the pain that it once was. Corporate relocation companies can take away much of the stress for both employer and employee. Something that both the employer and the employee no doubt appreciate. Visit here for more information:

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