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Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be about 83,000 new jobs for plumbers between now and the year 2022? If you?re looking for job security, an industry with a lot of options, and the ability to make a livable wage, then maybe the plumbing industry is your calling.

While plumbing may get a lot of knocks — we?ve all heard the jokes about the plumber?s moon — it can be a great profession to get into, and it isn?t all kitchen sink plumbing and broken sump pumps. You could be responsible, for example, for doing the plumbing in new homes and offices. There is enough demand for this that you could easily do this and little else.

If you?re thinking about getting into the plumbing profession, though, there are a few important facts you need to keep in mind.

Old Sewers Often Need Replacing

If you get a phone call that a sewer line is acting up, make sure to ask first how old their sewage system is. If they bought the house and the sewer came with it, it?s likely a fair bet that the sewer system is 40 years old or more. This means it will likely need to be completely replaced. Although residents may not want to hear this news, it?s important to be realistic with them so that you don?t fix one part of their pipe, only for them to experience three more issues in the upcoming year as their sewer continues to degrade.

Sewer Repair Doesn?t Always Require Tearing Up a Yard

If you have someone call asking about sewer replacement but worried that having their entire yard torn up is going to be expensive (who wants to pay for all that landscaping a second time?), you?ll want to understand what trenchless pipe repair is. This is a technique where a new pipeline can be inserted with access to only a small section. Once the pipe is cured, it essentially nestles inside the existing pipe. Seamless, it can last for over 20 years.

How Can Homeowners Get Faster Drains?

You?re going to get a lot of calls about slow drains. If using chemical solutions to break down dirt and debris doesn?t work (like Draino), then you may want to use a drain camera to identify what is causing the blockage. This way, you don?t need to take pipes apart in order to uncover the problem. Professional drain cleaning is a good idea for ensuring that remaining gunk does not continue to build up over time. This, too, can help to ensure faster drains.

Do you feel repaired to handle old sewers, trenchless pipe repair, and faster drains? Let us know.

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