When you are ready to redesign your house, it can be a very daunting task, let alone the money you have to sink into remodeling that makes a difference. That still does not stop nearly half, 48 percent, of homeowners from planning to change their homes to some degree, at least, according to a Houzz survey conducted in 2018. But what if there was a much quicker, and cost efficient method of giving your rooms a new look without bringing down a bunch of walls? Look no further than peel and stick paneling!

Installing Peel And Stick Paneling

If you have not get the hint from the name itself, peel and stick paneling is simple to install: you peel and then stick to the surface of your choice. This kind of method adds to the growing interior industry, one that is generating $10 billion in revenue every year.

First, you will want to clean the surface on the wall of your choice and let the wall dry; any grime that is on the wall can interfere with the adhesive strip. Afterwards, it is important you measure each piece, especially as you reach the edge of the wall–measure twice, cut once, right? Lastly, remove the protective strip from the adhesive strip and place it in the position you wish. When you are done, take some kind of rolling device and roll it across the wall to help the adhesive adhere to the surface of the wall. And you are done! It’s that simple.

A New Look Without The Hassle

While many interior designers suggest trading your room’s decor for something new every five to 10 years, however, not many individuals have the money to do that. And that’s where peel and stick paneling shines. Have you ever liked the rugged look of brick? The sleek look of metal? Or perhaps you are into aged wood like peel and stick planks and shiplap? Paneling comes in all shapes and sizes: vinyl, metal, glass, stone, and even gel. Not only is it easy to install, but you do not need mortar, tile spaces or even grout. This makes that wallet of yours a little more happy, and takes less of a hit.

If you aren’t sure where to place it, many individuals use peel and stick panels for their kitchens as a backsplash. Another very popular option is taking a grungy-looking wall and making use of a peel and stick wood accent wall for your living room or sprucing up a kid’s bedroom. Many individuals responded to a survey conducted by Interior Design Trends, and they discovered that more than one-third would much rather choose a neutral color if they had the choice to redecorate their home. But it’s your home; the sky is the limit. Check out Pinterest where you can find 14 billion different home looks.

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