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Having an HVAC unit in the home is most important when it comes to heating and cooling. An experienced heating contractor can help you maintain your home’s heating system as well as your air conditioning unit. In addition to helping your home heat and cool efficiently, an experienced heating contractor can also offer maintenance and tips for keeping your home safe from fires or other hazards.

For most U.S. homeowners, heating and cooling are among the biggest expenses. In fact, about 48 percent of energy use in a home comes from the central heating and cooling unit, which is why it’s one of the biggest household expenses. By contrast, around two-thirds of American homes have an air conditioning system.

However, while some home heating and cooling systems work throughout the home, they may not provide much when it comes to energy efficiency. Some culprits of lost energy in the home include improper insulation. According to statistics, around 25 percent of home heating escapes through cracks and holes. Also, if the unit and other equipment are improperly installed, your home’s heating and cooling efficiency can decline by 30 percent.

To keep your home’s heating from going to waste, you can have a quality HVAC service technician install some insulation in the attic to limit heat loss. Thermostats can help save in energy costs if you know how to program them. Experts note that you can save approximately five percent on your heating bills for every two degrees you lower the temperature. It is also recommended that you turn down your unit’s thermostat or turn it off, as long as no one’s health is compromised in the household.

For greater savings on heating or cooling, a programmable thermostat may work best. Once installed, such a thermostat will keep you warm while you are at home and cool down when you’re not home. Once you get an experienced heating contractor to install a programmable thermostat, you can potentially see your home heating bill decrease by 10 percent. And, during warm-weather months, consider a high-efficiency air conditioner for home cooling and to reduce energy anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.

As for keeping your home safe and efficient, an experienced heating contractor can take measures to keep your unit maintained. Generally, HVAC units should be inspected twice a year during the spring and then during the fall, before extreme hot or cold weather arrives. Additionally, getting your HVAC system inspected twice a year can reduce such things as soot buildup and the likelihood of a fire caused by failure to properly clean.

Furthermore, for safety and energy efficiency, homeowners should hire an experienced heating contractor to clean air ducts connected to their HVAC system. Other tips include keeping flammable objects away from the fireplace, portable heater, or furnace, and testing carbon monoxide alarms and replacing the batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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