This video discusses how you can do professional siding repair work. Vinyl siding is easy to work with, and it is constructed to look like two pieces. A piece of siding has a nail slot to attach it to the house.

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The top of the siding has a channel. When you place sliding on top of one piece, the bottom of one snaps into the track at the top of the one beneath it. When you need to replace the siding, push down on it, and it pops off.

In this video, damaged pieces of siding are removed by grabbing at the seam and pulling down on the siding panel above the damaged piece. This snaps the undamaged piece out of the groove. As a result, the entire panel is loosened and exposes the nails on the damaged panel. You push down on the panel to remove it. You do this with all the damaged pieces.

When putting the new panel in place, you want to line it up with the piece below it. Then, you want to snap it into the piece above it. You can then nail the siding.

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