Garage floors are usually made of cement. Cement is great stuff, but unfortunately, it can easily become damaged. Putting an epoxy coating helps protect the concrete. Epoxy coating specialist Doug Fasching joins the popular This Old House YouTube channel to explain how you can put down an epoxy coating for garage floor.

The first step is to wash the floor with a degreaser.

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After that, you need to wear protective equipment to use an acid etcher. Mix with water and apply to the floor in a plastic watering can used only for this purpose. A metal watering can will not work, because it will react badly with the acid. Scrub the acid with a mop, then rinse the floor with water. Particles are still left on the floor surface, so the floor needs vacuuming.

When your floor is dry, it’s ready for the epoxy. It comes in two parts that need to be mixed. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Now, it’s ready to be applied. The epoxy will dry out in two and a half hours, so you can only mix one can at a time. Apply the epoxy like you would paint. You’ll need to use at least two coats. Let the first coat dry overnight before applying the second coat.

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