Lawn care

Interestingly, the first lawns may have been grass covered enclosures within early medieval settlements, where livestock were allowed to graze, as opposed to fields reserved for agriculture. In regards to lawn seed (also known as grass seeds) and lawn care, there are several things you may want to keep in mind. For example, you might want to consider using natural lawn care products. Today, the number of households that use only all natural lawn care products has increased from approximately 5 million in 2004 to 12 million in 2008. And the number continues to rise. Interestingly, spreading a small amount (approximately a one fourth inch layer) of organic compost once a year can add nutrients to your lawn and help reduce weeds and grubs. Sustainable lawn practices can also save you money; according to a study by the Seattle Public Utilities, the economic impact associated with sustainable lawn practices saves approximately $75 per household per year. Overall, the best kind of lawn seed for you will depend specifically on your law. For example, if you live in a drought prone area, you may want to look into drought resistant grass seed.

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