You’re ready to build the pool of your dreams in your backyard, and you couldn’t be more excited. That’s great, but don’t let the buzz of a new pool cloud your mind. Here are some important things to consider when you think about custom pool designs.


Before you can start picking out design aspects, materials, size, or anything for your custom pool, you need to decide how much money you want to spend. You have to factor in installation, electricity costs for filtration, and any surprises that might arise along the way. If you exceed your budget before the project is complete, you may run out of money for other things you really want.


One of the biggest parts of custom pool design is the spacing of the pool. You have to decide the size, shape, as well as other factors like activities you will be doing in the pool, property lines, safety concerns, the condition of the soil, and the complexity of added features like a deck, patio, fencing, or other types of landscaping. Work with a custom pool designer to figure out all of these design elements.


The next thing you need to think about is what materials you want for your dream pool. For example, the pool itself can be made of wood, vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, or gunite. Other materials you need to think about are deck materials (if you’re building one) and lining materials. The average inground pool liner should last about five to 12 years, so you want to choose a material that will last.

Resale Value

Although you are building your custom pool to fit your exact needs and desires, you still have to think about someone else using that pool some day. You want to choose features that will make your home and pool more attractive to homebuyers in the future and not features that can become a liability.


This is one of the more fun parts of planning your custom pool design. Do you want to add fun features like a slide, diving board, volleyball net, or other pool toys? Or do you want to add elegant accessories like a water feature, lighting, or other landscaping amenities? Guess what — you can do both!

Pools are great outdoor features to have in your yard because they offer fantastic modes of exercise, relaxation, and fun. Before you dive in and start designing your custom pool, make sure you consult experts on these five items so the pool of your dreams will fit all your demands.

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