Drafty, single pane windows were installed in many homes prior to the demand for more efficient, energy saving, higher quality home windows. Due to outdated home windows installations, homes and businesses having been paying an increase in their energy bills by 15% to 25% due to inefficient design allowing air to escape outside. What a waste! And considering that 45% of energy bills to heating homes and business on average, according to the Department of Energy, that bill is probably higher for colder areas such as Chicago, IL, or for gas dependent homes that have an average bill of $649.

Proper Home Windows Put Money in Your Pocket

Various expert organizations, such as Efficient Windows Collaborative, recommend that windows, even older double-pane windows, be replaced with energy efficient windows with low-E coatings, which improve your homes ability to retain heating or cooling. For your wallet, this not only means that your home windows will lower your yearly energy bill, but also potentially qualify for energy star tax credits. Contacting your local window company will help you determine which home window replacement will work for your home and budget.

Invest in Your Investment

Most homeowners view their property as an investment as well as a place to hang their hat. Homeowners who replaced their home windows received 80% back from their investment, a statistic backed by the National Association of Realtors. So it’s not surprising that in 2012, the National Association for Home builders found that 44% of homeowners had chosen to renovate home windows or door replacements. Clearly, energy efficiency is sought after by property owners and buyers alike.

And if you’re not looking to sell your home, your investment in a high quality window installation can last 20 years or more, if properly maintained. Think of those classic and charming neighborhood houses that everyone admires – style is more than updating the furniture, but a commitment that withstands trends and time.

Home Window Installation: The Affordable Renovation Improvement

Unlike your neighbor who has yet to finish the outdoor pool turned money pit, home window installations are within reach and cost $300 to $700 per window on average. Consulting with window installation companies will help you decide the best windows for your home or business when considering this simple yet effective renovation.

Window installation services are common and affordable if you find you’re not a confident ‘do-it-yourselfer’ for a residential windows or commercial windows project. Keeping in mind that vinyl siding is a popular choice for most buildings due to its affordability in comparison to cedar or aluminum, a window installation company will be better suited to handle vinyl replacement windows, so it would be best to keep window replacement to the experts.

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