Ants are small pests that can easily become an infestation. The full adult size of the average ant is about 6 to 12 mm long. Ants live in a group also called a colony. Each colony consists of the queen, workers, soldiers, and specialized groups. They can be black, brown, or red.

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Although an ant bite isn’t poisonous, the larger ants can create a very painful bite.

Small ants can create a big problem in no time. One day you see a single ant, the next you have an invasion. This is because of the rapid rate they reproduce. When you squish an ant, they leave a scent that alerts other ants in the colony they are in danger. The result of squishing the one ant will create a whole lot more ants to show up.

You might need ants control services if you see a small amount of crumbs with some ants surrounding it. The ants control services in your area want to help you, if your little ant problem has become a big one.

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