If you have a small bathroom, you can still make it feel like a luxury bathroom. Between high-end finishes and fun decor choices, you can make your bathroom luxurious, relaxing, and styling if you put in some effort.

In this video, you can see three tips that a professional designer can give you to help you have a beautiful, styling, and luxurious bathroom.

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Be Smart About Your Space

Thinking vertically is a great way to make the most of your space. Not only should you pay attention to the placement of your set fixtures, but you also need to think about shelving, cabinetry, and other storage solutions.

If you have open shelving, make sure that you’re staging them to show off your more luxurious bath products and decor to create a spa-like luxury in your space.

Watch the Color Palette

One of the best ways to make your bathroom look more luxurious is to choose a nice neutral color palette for your small space. Sticking to neutral tones like white, cream, tan, beige, brown, and black can help to not overwhelm your space. Using bright colors can make your space feel too busy, which takes away from the design.

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