Have you stopped to look at what is being done with laminate flooring? You should! Laminate is enjoying a great deal of popularity right now because it delivers exceptional options.


While a recent survey revealed that 44% of homeowners like their bedroom floors to be carpeted, most homeowners are open to other ideas for the rest of the home. Laminate has been steadily building a huge fan base.


Laminate Flooring Delivers a Wide Range of Options


The first thing you should know about this flooring option is that thanks to new technologies it has improved dramatically. It comes in an exciting range of style options including:

  • Hardwood styles
  • Tile look
  • Stone look and more

Laminate is a very versatile flooring material that looks almost identical to the type of flooring it mimics. Years ago, one of the biggest complaints about this flooring material is that it looked “plastic”. Today, the look is simply incredible.



One of the biggest myths about this flooring material is that it is made of plastic! It is a multi-layer flooring that is designed for both durability and beauty. You have very likely experienced laminate flooring and never realized it was laminate and not stone or wood that you were standing on.


Affordability Without Sacrifice


Besides offering incredible aesthetic value this type of flooring can also curtail costs and make a beautiful floor more affordable. It is an ideal flooring option for kitchens, baths, entryways, dining areas and more.


You can have the beauty of hardwood floors, stone floors and tile floors for a fraction of the cost when you choose laminate flooring Timberville VA! It is affordable without sacrificing function or beauty.




For busy households this can be the ideal flooring solution. Thanks to its multi-layer construction and tough layer of aluminum oxide, this flooring can take all the traffic that descends on your home and still look great.


Before you make your flooring decisions be sure to check out what laminate has to offer. It is a great way to get a nice return on your flooring investment and to get the look that you will love for your home!


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