Having a nice, well maintained yard is an important part of home ownership. Landscaping your yard can increase your home’s value by as much as 14%. Landscaping projects can often feel overwhelming as you begin to realize the kinds of how much time is actually spent moving heavy loads across your yard. One such load is barkdust. Mulching around your yard with bark dust creates that maintained look that everyone wants, but it doesn’t have to be back breaking work. One of the most efficient ways to lay mulch is to utilize barkdust specialists. Here are four reasons to hire a professional barkdust blowing service for your next landscape project.

No Back Ache

This is definitely the most important benefit of barkdust blowing. These professional landscapers will arrive at your home, apply the mulch directly where you want it and leave. There is no hauling, no strain. It doesn’t even matter how many beds you have to mulch, they will complete the project pain free in no time at all. Which leads to the number two reason.


Compared to loading all your mulch into single load wheelbarrows and hauling it across the yard, bark blowers can bring your landscape materials directly where you want them. A job that used to require one person loading the wheelbarrow, another to dump into place and a third to spread the mulch across the bed is able to be completed with only one person and a hose. Saving everyone time.

No WheelBarrow Tracks

Since you the image of a train of wheelbarrows zooming across your yard is still fresh in your mind, let’s talk about about tracks. Every wheelbarrow is going to leave some marks in your yard. Whether it is only a slight ding in the lawn that nature will recover in a week or a deep gauge because someone didn’t realize there was a muddy spot in your yard, the best way to prevent damage from wheelbarrows is, simply, by not using them. Blowing barkdust allows you to subtract the wheelbarrow from the equation entirely. The soft tube that the professional landscaper will use rests gently on your lawn and leaves no marks.

No Left-Over Materials

The last benefit of using barkdust blowing services is simply the lack of mess. Traditionally, when laying bark mulch the barkdust itself is dumped onto your driveway or lawn. This leaves a large unsightly mess behind and can even kill your grass. By utilizing barkdust blowers there is no need to unload the mulch anywhere but exactly where you want it.

90% of American homeowners think it’s important to have a well maintained yard. Barkdust mulch provides the finished look everyone wants to have. Professional barkdust blowing services allow you to apply mulch without the back breaking effort in a fraction of the time without unsightly wheelbarrow tracks or left-over materials. All in all, a great investment in your landscaping.

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