One of a homeowner’s many responsibilities is maintaining the home’s plumbing system. Water leaks from any of your plumbing fixtures will not only increase your plumbing bill, but that leak could put your home at risk for water damage. Even little leaks can build up and equal excess water waste and potential water damage. According to Angi, a broken faucet leaks one gallon daily, which can add up to significant water waste.

A wise homeowner knows it’s a good idea to schedule an annual plumbing inspection to detect any issues. When plumbers conduct an annual inspection, they will first inspect the exterior of any plumbing fixtures. They will also flush the toilet and run water down the drains, to check for clogs.

If the inspector notices any issues, they may be able to fix a leak at the same time as the inspection. At the end of the visit, the team can recommend any plumbing repairs or upgrades that could benefit the homeowner. According to Vertex One, unfixed household leaks could result in replacement or upgrade costs totaling up to $25,000. If you notice a leak, you must hire professional plumbers to fix it. Don’t allow a small leak to snowball into something bigger.


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Taking care of your home is just like taking care of anything else important in your life. An ongoing effort. When you notice your faucets aren’t working like they used to or your energy bill is a touch too high? You start flipping through your local resources to take action. Checking up with a nearby HVAC company is one of the most financially conscientious things you can do with your time and money, as they can address over a dozen aspects of your home in dire need of improvement. The best local plumbers can buff out simple leaks, engage in a little drain cleaning or point you in the right direction for cost-effective heating and cooling.

Your home needs just as many small efforts as it does major renovations. In turn, you’ll be saving more money than you ever thought possible. Not a bad exchange, huh?

The Ins And Outs Of Indoor And Outdoor Plumbing

Did you know indoor plumbing isn’t a new invention? Far from it, in fact. Indoor plumbing dates all the way back to 2500 B.C. Perhaps even earlier. The art of plumbing has been traced all the way back to ancient Greek, Indian and Chinese civilizations. While certainly not as refined as our modern technology allows, these old-fashioned innovators found all sorts of ways to redirect sewage and water away from their homes. There’s a lot we can learn from the past, which leads into the second commonly neglected tip…

Why Patching Up A Leak Could Be A Major Relief On Your Wallet

Weary of the constant drip-drop of condensation in your home? Worried that your sink isn’t just going to spontaneously get better overnight? Affordable plumbing can absolutely handle any leak thrown their way. It’s thought 10% of all homes with leaks waste 90 gallons of water per day. Fixing these easily correctable leaks can also save you 10% or more on your water bill. Shelling out a little cash to patch up the nooks and crannies in your home will return your investment in no time at all.

There’s No Reason To Be Shivering This Fine Winter Season

The first thing most homeowners do when the weather takes a turn for the chilly is to start budgeting the heating costs. While getting all bundled up in a nice blanket is a great way to beat the cold, your heating and air conditioning can work for you, not against you. Two-thirds of all American households have central air conditioners in place. Despite this, some HVAC experts have confessed up to 75% of their no-heat calls in the winter are because of a lack of maintenance.

Cultivate A Beautiful, Clean House By Looking Past The Surface

What else can your air conditioner offer you? An HVAC company can give you a few ideas. Not only can your central air conditioning help keep your home’s temperature regulated, it can also help clear up your air. This is especially prudent for homes that have pets or are regularly exposed to pollen and dust. The majority of HVAC filters need to be changed every one to three months, according to data provided by, and maintenance should be called in once or twice per year.

It’s Time To Be Proactive And Keep Your House In Fine Shape

An HVAC company can inspect your home from the inside out and cover all your bases before you even have time to worry about your next energy bill. Outdoor plumbing, in particular, has seen a surge in trenchless excavation efforts. These are great for homeowners with a beautiful backyard or garden they don’t want to see disturbed when they call for sewer repairs. Although a little more expensive than traditional methods, the money and effort you’ll save on your outdoor decorating can’t be beat.

From fixing a leak to cleaning out your drains, there’s nothing you and an HVAC company can’t achieve this winter.

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