Is gardening a source of stress relief? Do you consider yourself a bit of a green thumb? Does potting and planting flowers around your home or neighborhood excite you and bring you happiness?

If you said yes to any or all of these, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, you’re one of millions of Americans who enjoys gardening. In fact, the U.S. home and garden market was worth more than $250 billion in 2017 and was slated to jump up to $10 billion in 2018. It’s estimated that in 2016 and 2017, the average American like yourself spent about $141.06 on lawn care and gardening expenses.

Those numbers alone show you how popular gardening is and regardless of what your preferred activity is—gardening, landscaping, etc—visiting a local outside garden center can help you get all the things you need. It doesn’t matter your level of gardening skill, visiting a garden center can be very beneficial with benefits like:

  • Options: Whether you’re a longtime gardener or a novice, doing an online search for “garden store near me” will yield results and lead you to a place with a lot of options. Let’s say you’re an expert gardener who has favorites you plant every year. Talking to an employee of a nearby garden store could open your eyes to some different options such as flowers you were unaware of or flowers and plants that compliment the favorites you always plant. If you’re a newbie who’s looking to ease into gardening, a garden store can also offer low-maintenance flowers, which might only require a little bit of water to maintain.
  • Advice: By searching for “garden store near me,” you’ll also find a place that’s more than willing to dispense helpful advise. Let’s say you’re brand new to gardening. If you don’t know anything about flowers or tools or gardening processes, your local garden store can be the perfect place to soak up all the knowledge you need. Employees and your fellow gardeners will likely be more than willing to tell you how to plant certain things, what to plant depending on the season and what materials you’ll need to do a good job. Who knows? After a few years, you may be the one in the store dispensing helpful advice.
  • They’re local: Another benefit of searching “garden store near me” is that you can find flowers native to your area. A visit to a garden center will more than likely give the chance to pick up some local flowers that you like and can plant at home. Local plants are suited for the climate you live in and are usually low-maintenance since they’ve adapted to conditions. They’re usually easily found to since there’s likely to be an abundance of them in your area.
  • Variety: Your local outside garden center offers plenty of planting options, but you can also find other items to assist in your quest to transform your yard. Most garden centers sell wood chips, which you can use in landscaping projects. They also sell trees you can plant. You can also buy a variety of lighting from flood lights to solar lights and everything in between to give your home garden a unique look.
    Garden centers can also offer other pieces for your backyard like statues and fountains. These pieces can pair well with an outdoor lighting system and can really make your backyard stand out.
  • Deals: Everyone loves a good deal, whether you’re shopping at a garden center or at the grocery store. If gardening is one of your passions, chances are pretty good that your local outside garden center can offer incredible deals on tools, plants and other items you’ll need. Who knows? You may end up walking into your local gardening center and coming up with a lot more than you bargained for because the price was right.

No matter what your level of gardening expertise is, searching for a “garden store near me” will likely lead you to several spots where you can get all the tools you need, soak up plenty of knowledge about gardening and planting and find a wide variety of flowers and garden items to transform your backyard.

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