Apartments in durham

My sweetheart just found out that his job was being transferred to Durham. I am headed up there to see what kind of options for apartments Durham has in store for us. As it turns out, when it comes to apartments for rent Durham had a TON of options for us. Durham NC apartments come in all shapes and sizes and for all tastes. Apartments in durham were available at almost every price point.

As it was my first time in beautiful Durham, I did not know which neighborhood was best or anything like that. So when looking at all the open apartments durham offered, I just tried to stay near where my sweetheart was going to work, near public transportation for me, and near the night life.

Apparently there are so many apartments Durham offers that my checklist was easy to fulfill. With all the apartments Durham offered I even found some extras we were not necessarily planning on. There were a few apartments Durham offered that had private locked parking and there were even apartments Durham offered that would let us have pets! It only took two days for me to settle on an apartment that met our needs, had a locked garage for his car and would let me have a kitty. Durham is off to a good start.

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