It’s estimated that the average cost of a new roof is $8,000. You want to be very sure that you need a new one. Digital Roofing Innovations lists the warning signs you should not ignore when you need a new roof.

If water constantly drips from your roof when it rains, you cannot put it off any longer. The water will eventually cause much more damage to your home than just the roof.

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If you have a sloped roof, go outside and across the street so you can get a good look. If your roof is bent or dipped in the middle, it is time to call residential or commercial roof repair contractors for their estimates.

Go up into your crawlspace or attic in the daytime. Don’t turn a light on. You are looking for sunlight poking in through any cracks in your roof. If you find any, this means the damage is only going to get worse unless you get a new roof.

Try to find out how old your current roof is. If your roof is over 20 years old, it needs replacing, anyway. The good news is that many modern roof shingle systems last much longer than shingles made decades ago.

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