There’s no shortage of custom home design ideas when improving curb appeal. You can engage in multiple small projects that will change your home’s appearance. Why bother with increasing curb appeal? Here are a few reasons to think about.

One study by Zillow shows that homeowners spend an average of $6570 when they engage a professional to improve the curb appeal before listing. If you want to increase curb appeal for any reason, including listing, here are 11 custom home design ideas to try. Let’s delve right in.

1. Paint a Bold and Beautiful Color

One of the best custom home design ideas to improve curb appeal is painting. Paint bold colors that accentuate your home. Of course, the best place to start is the front door. It’s the grand entrance to your home and the first thing anyone sees. Choose a color tone that matches the overall home theme.

However, the curb appeal is more than a painted front door. You should paint any element of your exterior, including the porch floor, the mailbox, the fence, and the planters. You can even go the extra and paint the exterior walls. It’d be best to clean the brick before painting to ensure maximum paint adhesion.

While painting is a popular DIY activity, get a professional painter for a perfect paint job, especially for big projects like wall painting. Since they have extensive experience and expertise, they’ll ensure the best use of your materials. The experts will also guide you on the best color combinations for your home.

2. Add Exquisite Landscape Lighting

Lighting can transform any space, including exteriors. That’s why landscaping lighting is one of the best custom home design ideas. You can use the lighting to guide guests into and out of your property. One aspect to remember is how light patterns change at night. For example, reflection is uncommon, but shadow patterns are more prominent.

Glare is another problem that you should consider. If you install a big, bright light source, it’ll reflect directly into people’s eyes. Therefore, when choosing lighting fixtures and bulbs, have glare in mind. A good option is solar lighting bulbs because they’re warm. However, they get cloudy during the rainy seasons. You can connect them to a backup system in such cases.

Choose tones and fixtures that match your overall landscaping theme. For example, black iron holders go well with turf grass. You can light the paths, driveways, decks, patios, and steps. You can also use landscaping lighting to highlight fixtures.

3. Grow Ornamental Trees

Another of the best custom home design ideas is growing ornamental trees. The variety for home gardens is much shorter than ornamental trees found in the woodlands. So, you don’t have to worry that they’ll grow very tall and lose their value or become a nuisance. You’ll only need some basic tree maintenance, and you can enjoy a feast of colors.

How do ornamental trees improve curb appeal in your home? Ornamental trees have attractive aspects, such as autumn foliage and spring blossom. Others have edible fruits, and they can become a natural habitat for beautiful birds. They also change each season; therefore, you can get different colors yearly.

You can place the ornamental trees in a centric place on the lawn, in a flower garden, or front garden. Consider how fast and high a tree can go when settling on an ornamental tree. Also, consider its nutrient requirements. You’ll also need patience because ornamental trees take time and dedication to grow.

4. Get a Healthy Green Lawn

One of the most popular custom home design ideas for improving curb appeal is lawn care. When you mention curb appeal, one picture that comes to mind is a lush green, well-manicured lawn. Regular lawn maintenance and removing weeds can significantly improve your curb appeal, even on a budget. Having a lawn sprinkler system in place could also make your work easier by ensuring your lawn is well-hydrated.

Apart from improving your home’s appearance, you’ll also get a high return on investment if you choose to sell your home. According to Home Light, regular lawn care will give an ROI of 264%. So, if you haven’t been doing much work on your lawn, get its lush green back and watch your curb appeal improve.

You can get started on DIY lawn care, but for consistency and to ease your workload, it’s best to call lawn care services. Clear any clutter on your lawn that makes it look messy. Messy lawns are a big curb appeal killer, even when your lawn is green.

5. Do a Home Clean-Up

One of the underrated custom home design ideas for improving curb appeal is doing a home clean-up. It’s easy to think of curb appeal as needing major projects and home additions. However, think of it like this, would you think of a home as beautiful and appealing if it was dusty, muddy, or plain out dirty?

The best place to start might be decluttering. Cluttered spaces look disorganized and unmaintained. Call dumpster services if you have to, so they can help you remove that rusty patio furniture, trash cans, plastic bottles in your yard, old electronics, and anything occupying your space. Cut shrubs and overgrown weeds in your yard to give it a neat look.

You can also use pressure washing to remove clogged dirt and build-up from walls, driveways, and sidewalks. Clean entrances, steps, and garage doors for any grime and spillages. You could rent a pressure washer or call cleaning services, who’ll make your work easier because they’re professionals.

6. Add Curb Appeal with Your Fence

Another popular home design idea is white picket fence installations. White picket fences have been symbols of stability and a good life for the longest time. You could pick this popular option or explore more custom home design ideas for improving curb appeal with a fence.

A fence can add architectural interest to your home. For example, adding a wood grain vinyl fence gives off a rustic feel, while chain links give a modern touch to your home. If you already have a fence, you can contact fence repair services to give the fence a new look and functionality.

You can sample from various fence types, including bamboo, rosewood, and custom vinyl chain links. You can also opt to fence only an area in your home, for example, the swimming pool or garden. A fence helps expand the visual space, improving your home’s curb appeal.

7. Do a Window Upgrade

Windows are no longer functional aspects for allowing light. They’re statement pieces. You can improve curb appeal by upgrading your windows to reflect modern standards and breaking the brick monotony. You could choose a vinyl window installation to give a complete overhaul to your home’s curb appeal, or you can choose effective mini-projects.

A classic idea you can choose is flower planters, which you can make at home or order from a local store. You can choose seasonal flowers that give a beautiful appearance and wonderful scents. If you’re not much floral, you can plan oriental herbs and veggies.

Alternatively, you could paint the shutters with a matte option or bold accentuated colors. If you don’t have shutters, consider buying them since they’re budget-friendly and easy to install. You could also try awnings to enhance curb appeal, provide shade, and reduce your electric bills.

8. Accessorize the Front Door

Your door can leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters your home. Apart from painting, you can do other things to improve curb appeal. You can install custom hardware and handles on your front door. Here you can be as creative and expressive as possible. Door knockers are a great way to be expressive of your personality. You can even have them custom-made to have your family’s name or a greeting in your favorite foreign language.

Some homeowners also opt to add a welcome mat. Since they’re budget-friendly, you can choose a custom option, for example, having your pet’s picture on it. A well-crafted welcome sign next to your door will improve your door’s curb appeal. You could also add a welcome wreath that matches the season. They’re a classic way to add color and detail to your door.

9. Repair the Driveway

When improving curb appeal, sometimes the driveway gets the short end of the stick. Yet upgrading your driveway is one of the best custom home design ideas in home improvement. Your driveway can help you create symmetry, a significant booster to curb appeal. You can line up your driveway to give a grand entrance to the home.

Chipped and damaged driveways are one of the easiest curb appeal killers. Even if you have exquisite landscaping lights and lush green lawns, the driveway is the first thing visitors will see. It’s best to call a qualified asphalt contractor to repair the driveway. The repair will cost you less than doing a complete replacement.

Although a driveway can significantly improve your curb appeal, it’s also essential to the safety factor. For example, you may want a steeper slope, but a modest angle prevents water build-up. A gentle curve would also work best, even though it’ll take up more of your space.

10. Upgrade the Swimming Pool

One of the most effective, albeit expensive, custom home design ideas to improve curb appeal is constructing an inground pool. However, if you have one already, you can tweak some things and greatly improve the appearance of your home. A swimming pool is a great asset to curb appeal improvement.

You can install water fixtures like a waterfall or scavenger caves. Not only will your yard look beautiful in the picture, but it’ll also be an attractive sight. You could also choose to paint the color of your choice to either give the Maldivian bluey feel or beach green. You could even go for a bold color such as purple or red!

Another idea you could consider is adding light fixtures. They’ll look fantastic at night and add ambiance. These work well if you entertain yourself in the pool regularly. Finally, you can add plant life around the pool, for example, vibrant flowers. They’ll add curb appeal to your swimming pool and your home.

11. Do a Furniture Makeover on the Porch

Your porch is an excellent space for entertaining and relaxing. It’s also the place everyone sees after entering the property. You can improve curb appeal and functionality with a furniture makeover. If you have rusty furniture, it’s time to replace it with non-skid furniture that won’t damage your floor.

If you already have good quality furniture, consider dressing it in vibrant and bold colors. Add throw pillows and custom-made rugs to give the outdoor furniture a warm feel. It’s also a good idea to give the furniture a good cleaning once in a while to remove grime or any accumulated dust.

You can add furniture accessories like a wooden welcome sign. Ensure to match the furniture tone with the doors so you don’t interrupt the overall home theme. Another thing to consider is structural issues at the porch. For example, if it’s sagging or the rails are falling, it’s best to repair them before doing any furniture makeover.

Whether you want to list your house or have a breathtaking sight to behold each time you come home, increasing curb appeal is a good move. While there’re many ideas you could try, this guide will help you get started on the best custom home design ideas. You can be as creative as possible because this list is unexhaustive.

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