Handicapped bathroom

Whether you have found yourself inspired by new bathroom remodel designs or your home requires greater functionality from your bathroom, you may be considering remodeling your facilities. Remodeling a bathroom can add value to your home. On average, bathrooms should be remodeled at least every twenty years. However, bathroom remodeling design can be a hefty task to take on. So here are some pointers on getting the help you need.

One of the more common reasons to remodel a bathroom is necessity. When families take on the responsibility of welcoming home a person with limited mobility, certain aspects of that home must change.

If your bathroom must fit the needs of a person with disabilities, then here are some ideas for bathroom remodeling. If a person within your household is wheelchair bound, then the space needed for a wheelchair must be taken into account. Reevaluating the utility of a bathroom for wheelchair access can be tough. However, if you keep in mind the size of the wheelchair and the space required to moved from it, then you should be well on your way to a successful redesign. When remodeling your bathroom for wheelchair use, keep in mind that there should be enough space next to the toilet for a wheelchair to be parked, allowing for the occupant’s smooth transition. If persons with limited mobility will be using this bathroom then hand rails must be installed to ensure safety and easier mobility.

If you are considering a remodel of any kind, including handicapped bathrooms, make a list of your priorities before contacting a contractor. For instance, will you need a higher toilet seat to make transitions to and from wheelchairs easier? Knowing what you want can help you serve your household and save money. The contractor can then offer you options for your bathroom installations or redesign.

Bathroom remodeling companies often have standard bathroom remodel designs that can help you visualize how your remodeled bathroom will look after the work is done. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you scout for bathroom remodeling in phoenix and elsewhere.

The first way to lower your bathroom remodel designs cost is to ask for quotes from more than one business. The point of their business is to turn a profit, but most remodeling businesses will be willing to meet you half way under the right circumstances. With this in mind, beware of very low quotes. If a quote seems too good to be true it is probably not accounting for labor fees or other hidden costs. To ensure the quality of your the work done in your home ask for a history of the company’s bathroom remodel designs work. Finally, get your work contract in writing before any work is agreed to. This last measure can protect you from hidden fees and keep contractors on task.

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