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Good landscaping can do wonders for the value of a home. It has been estimated that a good landscaping job can increase the selling price of a home by between 100 and 200%, according to Money Magazine. For people who are not looking to sell their home, having a great landscaping job done on a home can still improve its value. When done right, the right landscape planting design can lower the cost of air conditioning for the home by up to 50%. If you are looking to have a landscape project done, you have a lot of landscaping services companies to pick from. In the United States, there are an estimated 398,383 landscaping companies. Here are some tips to help you hire the right landscape contractors for your project and needs.

  1. Talk to the people you know. If you know people who own their own home, the chances are good that you know people who have hired landscape contractors. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors. One of the best ways to find good products and services is to get a good personal recommendation. If you see a landscaping job that you really like, you should ask the homeowner who they used to complete the job.
  2. Go with a local landscaping company with a great reputation. You should try to go with a company that has a proven track record in your area. Good, local landscaping contractors with good reputations have been around at least a little while. Make sure if you go with an established name the people have been with the company for a while. It is possible that a great company sold the name to new people who do not have the experience. You need to hire landscape contractors who really know what they are doing.
  3. Verify that they have the right insurance and licenses. Before you start talking to landscape contractors, look into what is needed in your area vis-a-vis licensing. You also need to make sure they have the right amount of insurance. If someone is injured when they are working on your landscape project, you can be legally liable if the landscaping company does not have the right amount of insurance.
  4. Check on your permits. Depending on the nature and scope of the work you are having the landscape contractors do, you may need to get permits for the work. While the contractors are most often the ons to get the permits, you need to follow through and make sure that happens. If you do need permits for the work that you want done and you do not have them, it is unlikely that the local officials will accept, “The contractor told me …” as an answer. It is your property and as such, you will be held responsible for getting the permits that you need.
  5. Talk to the landscape contractors about their workload and timeline. Good landscapers are often in high demand. You should talk to the different landscape contractors in your area about how many projects they are working on, when they can fit you into their schedule and how long it will take. You should try to get a landscape design company that will be able to work on your project from the beginning until the end. There is always a chance that your timeline may make you pare down your choices for landscape contractors. If you are looking to sell your home, you may need your landscape job done before your preferred landscape company can do the work.
  6. Ask for references. When you want to find out what it is like to work with a company, there are few ways that are better for that than talking to people who have hired that company. Reputable landscape contractors will have no problem giving you the name and contact information for current or former clients. When you talk to the references ask what the experience of working with the landscaping company was like and if they would do anything differently if they did the project all over again.

Having great landscape contractors work on your yard can make your outdoor spaces more like additions to your home and will increase your home’s value.

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