Scrap carbide buyers

Carbide Recycling Company is a consolidator for scrap carbide, making it a leading among scrap carbide buyers. It is the place to go when looking to buy or sell carbide. Carbide scrap, which is considered to be tungsten carbide, high speed steel and other scrap metal, can garner great carbide scrap prices.
Carbide Recycling Company wants you to sell carbide to us. We will buy any quantity and we accept freight collect shipments per our specific instructions. We comply with USA import and export requirements and are more happy to assist you with completing all required documents as well as finding the lowest shipping rates. Those who are looking to sell carbide should consider the amount the are shipping.
Carbide Recycling Company will buy and pickup scrap material at no additional charge, making it easy to sell carbide or tungsten carbide scrap.
And because tungsten carbide powder is at an all time high this is the perfect time to sell scrap carbide. Clean carbide, which consists of end mills, reamers, drill bits and the like are excellent to sell carbide. Dirty carbide, which is anything with braze alloy like saw tips, is also great to sell, but will cost about 50 cents less per pound than clean.
When shipping carbide, consider your packing materials so that the package makes it to us in one piece! After all, you may be sending jagged edged scrap metal by mail. Packing it in a scrap cloth or wadded paper is best when shipping to sell carbide.
Carbide Recycling is well established in the world of buy and sell carbide scrap and has more than 25 years of experience.

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