Kitchen remodeling can be an exciting but overwhelming experience for many homeowners. There are many different colors, styles, features, and options to choose from, and it can become too much very quickly. The embedded video on this page has many recommendations for kitchen styles and colors while keeping up with the trends of 2024.

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The presenter in the video discusses many different options a homeowner has for their renovated kitchen. First, she reviews the cabinets in the kitchen. A trend from years past was a chic, modern white color, but people are moving more toward colored cabinets now. More popular colors include blues, greens, and wood grains.

Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular as many people are cooking at home more often now, and the style is evolving as tastes are changing. Most people want an island, and a rounded countertop on the island is in demand. This addition not only adds a space for cooking, but for eating and entertaining as well.

The presenter details a few other trends like floating shelves, hiding appliances within cabinets, marble vein and tile backsplashes, and metallic features. Any of these can be used at the homeowner’s discretion to make their kitchen remodeling project their own so they enjoy the space for years to come.

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