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If you have been thinking about changing up your outdoor lighting design recently then you are not alone. As a matter of fact, a survey has been recently conducted involving homeowners and their interest in changing their yard up. This revealed that just about 64% of all homeowners are interested in upgrading their outdoor spaces and specifically want to address their backyard.

By setting your lighting to timers or dimmers, your home looks beautiful 24 hours a day with minimal effort on your part. This is one of the ways in which even implementing some minor changes recommended by a lighting designer can seriously improve outdoor landscape lighting. Here are some of the facts on investing in an upgraded lighting design.

Start By Focusing On Efficiency

In residential buildings, lighting will end up comprising just about 11% of all energy use. In commercial buildings, lighting will end up comprising just about 18% of all energy use. As a result, it is quite obvious that a good portion of energy use comes directly from people using lights. This means that when you put your lighting design together, you need to focus on efficiency as much as possible.

Stats released by the Department of Energy have revealed that just about 22% of all electricity generated across the United States is directly utilized for lighting. Furthermore, just about 10% of all that is used to power outdoor lighting applications. So again, keep this information in mind when putting your residential lighting design plan together.

When the correct driver is installed and proper thermal control is maintained, the life of an LED lamp can easily achieve 80,000 hours of usage, while still maintaining 70% of the original light output. So if you are looking for items like this then you need to get help from a professional. They can find you good deals on the best lighting equipment for your lighting design.

LEDs use only 15% of the energy a standard halogen light uses, and provide up to 85% more light output. While this makes LEDs highly energy efficient in comparison, power is still utilized. So if you are looking for a clean, cool, and nice landscaping lighting design, make sure you look into investing in LED lights.

Pick The Right Outdoor Lighting Design For Your Yard

LED lights are the newest innovation in the lighting industry and can be potentially utilized in fun and unique ways. For instance, if you are using LED lights, you can get certain lights that turn out different kinds of light. Here are a few examples of this.

For a warm-yellow light, use bulbs marked 2700-2900K. For a whiter light, use bulbs marked 3000-4100K. For bluer white light, use bulbs marked 4200-6500K. If this interests you but you are hesitant because you worry about making a mistake then just take some time to reach out to a landscaping professional and they can help you get exactly what you need.

In Conclusion

A large number of homeowners that are investing in landscaping renovations would be best off getting tips and help from experts in the field. Not only will this help them get the most out of their unique patio lighting in terms of style but also efficiency. Do not change up your home in terms of landscaping renovations only to then have it cost you too much money in the long run.

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