When do you need residential plumbing services? As soon as you start to have a plumbing problem! Many homeowners wait and wait and wait to call a plumber for what they see as a “small” problem, or they wait until they actually have multiple plumbing problems so they can have them all taken care of at once. There’s a good reason for this: plumbing repair can be costly. Plumbers typically have a one-hour minimum, not to mention service fees and extra charges on top of this rate. However, your plumbing repair is going to end up being more expensive the longer you wait to have it. Residential plumbing services may cost you some money, but you’re only going to add to your overall cost by waiting.


What’s Covered Under Residential Plumbing Services?


What will residential plumbing services cover? If you’re a homeowner, they will take care of pretty much any plumbing problem that may arise. This includes leaks and clogs just about anywhere within your home. Any faucet that is leaking, any toilet that is leaking, any drain that may be clogged can be serviced by a plumber.


Residential plumbing services will also repair sewer line breaks and clogs for the sewer line that is on your property. Sometimes, the sewer line may be clogged farther away from your home and still affect the plumbing inside your home. The sewer line on your property connects to the city or county sewers. This means that past a certain point, the sewer line is no longer your responsibility. You can call your local sewer company to have them do an inspection to determine if a sewer leak or clog is on your property or on the city or country property, which would mean that that city or county fixes this problem without charging you any money.


However, there are some things that residential plumbing services won’t fix. If you have an appliance that is leaking, for example, this may actually be a problem that handyman or an appliance repair person must service. The only appliance a plumber can repair or replace completely is your water heater. You can also call residential plumbing services for your septic tank or sump pump if you have one. These professionals do a whole lot more than repair a leaky faucet!


Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate With Plumbing Repair


There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait to get residential plumbing services as soon as you notice any kind of problem. But there’s one simple fact that should convince you immediately: fixing easy household water leaks can save you up to 10% on your monthly water bills. That means paying for residential plumbing services is actually an investment that will pay off in just a few months. Allowing a leak to continue will increase your water bill, and the leak will get worse in time. What begins as a small drip will become a trickle. Leave the problem untreated, and that trickle will soon become a barrage of water. You may as well pour all your money right down the drain.


Plumbing companies can also provide regular maintenance to help you avoid clogs and costly future problems. It’s smart to have your sewer snaked out once a year, even if the system is flowing well, to clear away roots and debris that build up in there over time. Having this service performed before you have a clog will save you a lot of money because this procedure can be done quickly and easily. When your sewer line is already clogged, however, plumbers have to first locate the clog and then use their equipment to dislodge it. This procedure can take a long time.


Residential plumbing services can also provide dryer vent cleaning. They can even provide you with money-saving updates, such as a tankless water heater or a low-flush toilet. Talk to your local plumber about upgrades you can make in your home.


Call for residential plumbing services as soon as you notice a problem and to receive regular maintenance, and you’ll end up spending a lot less money. It’s always better to treat problems when they’re small, or before they happen, rather than wait until the situation becomes a true emergency.

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