If your furnace goes out in the middle of a frigid day, you may want to try to repair it yourself rather than waiting on a furnace repair technician. Many furnace repairs aren’t difficult, but determining what is wrong can be a struggle for novice DIYers. If you have some experience working with furnaces, you may be able to handle the most common furnace repairs, including the one described in the video below.

Video Source

In the video, the HVAC technician shows the most common furnace problem. He says that the most common reason for furnaces to stop working is dirty flame sensors. If these sensors get dirty, they don’t function properly, leading the furnace to shut down for your safety. The sensors have to be exposed to the flame your furnace creates, and if you use a wood-fired furnace, they can get coated in soot. They can also get quite dirty in natural gas or propane furnaces, but this usually takes more time.

An easy fix for this problem is to clean up the sensor. If the flame sensor is especially old or if it is damaged in any way, you may need to replace it. In this case, your best resource is a local HVAC company. The technicians may have the part you need on hand, allowing you to get your furnace up and running as quickly as possible.

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