If your area has recently been hit by a major storm, you and your neighbors may all need roof repairs at the same time. In these circumstances, you may have multiple roofing contractors stopping by your home to offer their services. Many of these roofers are considered storm chasers. While they may be able to offer you their services quickly or even immediately, they aren’t as trustworthy as local roofers.

The video on this page explains why these storm chasers are considered scammers by many homeowners.

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Since they aren’t from the local area, they are difficult to reach if there are any problems with your roof down the line. This means they may try to get away with doing shoddy work and disappearing. Even if they offer some kind of warranty, if you can’t contact them or they dissolve their business after their busy season, you won’t be able to hold them accountable for that warranty.

Instead, even after a storm, your best option is to work with a local roofer. They may have a longer waitlist, but you can keep your home temporarily protected by tarping your roof until they can repair it.

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