Navy dity move process

The DITY military move is one where you are in the military and you move your belongings to a new duty station yourself. The military member can be reimbursed for a DITY military move. A DITY move requires the use of the DITY move calculator, for which you have to get permission to use. After you make a military DITY move the government gives you up to 45 days to turn in the receipts for your military move so you can be reimbursed. Some people even make money by doing a DITY military move.

Military moving is highly stressful on military members and their family. The military member who thoroughly plans for a military move will find the move goes easier. If you are going to do a DITY move, you can use that program with other programs to, such as the Government Bill of Lading program where your things are shipped by the military, using the allowed weight allowance granted under the DITY program. Also, the military member who does their own move will get more time for it than if the government does the move for them. This is great because the more time you have, the more relaxed and less stressed out you can be about your frequent military moves.

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