A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. This video explains the five steps to a complete flat roof repair and replacement.

The first step is to complete a full tear off of the roof down to the structural deck. Then you replace all of the rotted plywood.

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Third step is to install a high-density insulation board. Then install a firestone self-adhesive sheet. This is a thicker upgrade to nail in felt paper which can create unnecessary holes. Fifth and last step, install a white SPS granulated roof membrane. In order to do this legally, use a cold applied roofing cement. Other alternatives, like an “APP” or “silver-paint style roof” are outdated and illegal.

Common key signs that you might need a replacement are extensive pooling of water or large rips and tears. If your roof is well-maintained and properly installed in the first place, a flat roof should last you between ten and fifteen years before it will require a full replacement. To extend the life of your flat roof, you can use a Polyglass coating and maintain the drainage system on the roof.


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