The weather was perfect!

You had some back up plans in case it would have rained, but you were thrilled with how everything turned out. After spending months planning and looking at different outdoor kitchens and patios you knew that an outdoor graduation party would be perfect. You would have had plenty of room inside if you needed it, but the fact that the weather was so beautiful meant that the guests lingered outside for hours.

From graduation parties to family cookouts to romantic dinners with a spouse, outdoor kitchens and patios are the perfect setting.

Well Designed Backyards Can Serve as an Extension to Your Home

Some families fill their backyard spaces with swimming pools; others plan for outdoor kitchen ideas; the lucky one have a combination of both. In all of these cases, however, your house can seem a lot bigger if you extend your living space into your backyard. With more cooking and seating areas, a well designed backyard area can serve a variety of purposes, from a place for simple family meals to grand celebrations.

In places like Florida, the added bonus of investing in your backyard is that these spaces can be used year round. In fact, there are many home owners in the warm places in the country who spend just as much on their outdoor spaces as they do the interior. A refreshing pool and a well appointed outdoor kitchen allows home owners to make sure that they enjoy the great outdoor weather when ever it happens.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the outdoor pool and patio industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • 83% of respondents to their survey considered their backyard β€œan ideal entertaining space,” according to the 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study.
  • You will want three to four feet of clear space for food preparation in addition to 16” on each side of any element such as a side-burner or the grill proper if you create an outdoor kitchen food prep zone.
  • 14% of consumers indicate that they are adding outdoor kitchens to their backyards.
  • Adding an outdoor kitchen sees an average return on investment (ROI) of 100% to 200%.
  • 38% of inground pools have diving boards.
  • Swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity in America.
  • Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children and teenagers ages seven to 17 in the U.S.

You can plan for the food, the decorations, and the guest list, but you are not always able to make sure that the weather will cooperate. On the days when the weather is great, however, these are the parties that will last forever. From swimming pools to outdoor kitchens and patios, your house will seem like a palace if you invest in your home’s backyard space.

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