There is a lot that goes into installing a new air conditioning system the correct way. Technicians follow these steps when installing an efficient cooling and heating system. The location of your HVAC system is the first consideration because some units require clearance around them, and others must be installed within a specific distance to the utility meter.
You also need a correctly sized unit for your household to ensure a longer lifespan, lower energy bills, and consistent temperatures throughout your home.

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Get a technician to calculate your home’s Heating Load Worth (HLW) to find the unit you need.
Whether you settle for an outdoor or indoor system, accurately take measurements of your unit and mark the installation area using spray paint. If you have a modern wall-mounted unit, the process should be straightforward. However, if the unit requires installing a new duct system, you must follow the unit’s instructional manual to ensure you do it right.
Finally, review your installed unit before switching it on. Listen for unusual noises and confirm that airflow and temperature are consistent in every room.

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