LED strip lights are an effective way to create vibrant spaces and increase visibility in unusual areas. They can light up under shelves to highlight different wares, provide even lighting for mirrors, light up the back of the television to reduce eye strain, and much more. This video addresses how one would cut flexible LED lights to fit particular places, for example, around a bend.

To begin, use a sharp cutting tool, such as a pair of wire cutters to get a clean cut.

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Make sure this cut doesn’t damage the internal wires. Before cutting, ensure that the power is off, then cut down the middle of the copper dots or ovals/ Be sure not to do this in any other location. These copper dots are usually located at an interval of every three LEDs.

After cutting, wrap the exposed end-connected part to a power source with electrical tape. This ensures the circuit is properly closed off. However, if the goal is to connect flexible led lights, don’t close off the circuit. Instead, get a strip connector, such as a hippo clip, which achieves a clean bend around a corner. Read the LED strip specifications to discover how many LEDs can be chained together.

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