Wegmans rochester

Wegmans Rochester has evolved significantly over nearly a century since it first originated as a local grocery business. It grew through a Rochester business alliance as a single small grocer to become a super regional business enterprise. Just a couple of the current Wegmans Rochester stores can easily eclipse the footprint of Marketplace Mall Rochester.

The Rochester direct impact from Wegmans reaches far beyond supplying food and jobs. Wegmans Rochester is directly responsible for some of the innovations in the entire grocery industry. They were the first chain in the United States to offer fresh irradiated ground beef under their label in 2002. In 2005, Forbes selected Wegmans Rochester as the number 1 best company to work for. This was highly touted in local media such as the Rochester Business Journal.

The Rochester yellow pages includes a handful of Wegmans Rochester locations, but they grocery chain has been expanding since they opened a store in Syracuse in the 1960s. Since that time they have added stores throughout New York and into Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

The success of Wegmans Rochester is phenomenal considering the original owners, John and Walter, essentially started with a pushcart full of vegetables to sell in their local community. Today, the stores have become major destinations in their own right. Visit here for more information.

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