A recent study reveals an estimated 96 percent of four different bumblebee populations are steadily disappearing in North America. In fact, the past 20 years have seen a more progressive digression of the bee population. While it is essential to maintain a healthy number of bees in the United States, it is equally understandable that having a hive around your home is not ideal.

Bumble bee removal is not simply a matter of applying a solution to a hive and waiting for the bees inside to die. Bee home removal is much more involved and requires the expert to understand how the insects operate.

All hives have a queen. The queen bee carries the sole task of laying the eggs that will serve as the next generation of bees. Workers typically appoint another queen when another dies by feeding the prospective ruler special diet food called “Royal Jelly.”

The best bee abatement procedures target the “Royal Jelly” to prevent the appointment of another queen. This allows for bee elimination from the inside out, so workers are forced to halt their efforts to establish a home in your backyard or near the front porch of your home. Bee hive rescue is rather simple when left to professionals in the industry who understand how bees operate

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