Residential window installation

The insurance adjuster’s list is long. New roof. New siding. Power wash and stain the deck. New window installation.
It was quite a storm that moved through the area last Friday night, and while you thought that the insurance adjuster might find some damage you had no idea how much would be found. The window damage especially caught you off guard. When you think of window installation you think of the window panes themselves. In the eyes of the adjuster, however, the severe hail damage that was around the window frame let him to look even closer and that is when he found some worrisome conditions that merited complete replacement for a number of windows.
Window installers around the country find themselves busier than normal when the summer storms come rolling through. Damaging winds and hail can cause extensive damage in just a matter of minutes. The wise home owner knows that it is wise to contact an insurance adjuster right away to see if you have any damage that merits any repairs.
Was Your House Recently Hit by a Severe Summer Storm?
Some parts of the country have been getting hit hard this summer. Heavy rains, strong winds, and driving hail combine to cause great amounts of damage to homes everywhere in America. As soon as these big storms hit it can be a race to get an appointment scheduled with the adjuster, file a claim, and schedule contractors to complete the jobs, from window installation to roof replacement.
And while there might be a race to get through this process, every home owner should be concerned about getting the very best windows, roofs, and siding and the very best contractors. Finding a window company that will stand behind its work and provide a warranty is essential.
Are You Considering Doing a Whole House Window Replacement Project?
Nearly 66% of homeowners are planning on renovating, according to a recent survey. Although many of these home projects require a substantial investment, they also provide a significant return on investment (ROI). Consider some of these statistics about the residential window installation industry:

  • $300 to $700 is the average per window for a replacement.
  • Homeowners who replace their windows can get back 80% of their investment, according to the National Association of Realtors.
  • 44% of renovation jobs in the year 2012 were for window or door replacement, according to the National Association of Home Builders 2012 Remodeling Market Index.
  • When high quality windows are properly maintained, they can last 20 years or longer, depending on the material.
  • Energy bills can increase by 10% to 25% if windows are drafty and let air escape.
  • Dual-paned windows are about twice as effective at retaining air conditioning and heat when compared to single-paned ones.

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