Right now, landscaping projects are widely popular across the country. More Americans are looking to set up a nice backyard that looks great and serves a purpose. This means that they want a backyard that can either entertain them, make their home more efficient, or at least looks good as well.

Among residents of retirement communities, pleasant, landscaped grounds were important for nearly 48% or essential for nearly 50% to 99% of the residents. Therefore, it is easy to understand that people really care about getting the most out of their landscaping projects. Here are all of the facts on the benefits of some beautiful landscaping!

Beautiful Landscaping Provides a Better Profit For Home Sales

One of the best benefits of beautiful landscaping involves a quicker sales process and more money as well. Recent data has revealed that landscaping can increase the speed of a building’s sale by nearly six weeks. Therefore, homeowners can spend less time with their home on the market by just getting landscaping done to their home along with renovations.

A landscaping company is going to help homeowners get more money from the sales price. A study was recently conducted at Clemson University study in regards to homes and their prices after landscaping projects. Their studies have revealed that great landscaping is only going to help so much. Instead, homeowners can raise their sales price by nearly 7% by getting excellent landscaping done.

Money Magazine is a reputable magazine read by people across the country. They recently wrote an article about landscaping and the recovery value it provides to homeowners. This article featured details that stated that beautiful landscaping provides a recovered value of nearly 200% at selling time at the max. On the other hand, the least it brings back to homeowners is just about 100%!

Beautiful Landscaping Provides Efficiency For Homes

Beautiful landscaping not only helps a home sell on the market but it can also potentially make a home much more efficient. Trees will potentially reduce a home’s air-conditioning costs by 15% to 50%. Therefore, when homeowners get trees planted in a strategic manner then they will really help reduce air conditioning costs.

The United States Department of Energy collects information on energy usage from across the country. Their data has revealed that a smart landscaping design is a great idea. Their data has revealed that homes can save up to 30% on home beating bills just by using smart, energy-efficient landscaping ideas. So beautiful landscaping is a great way to save money and make money!

If trees are dense enough, they really maximize the efficiency of a home during the hot summer season. Dense trees will block up to nearly 95% of all visible sunlight so that a house can rest in the shade. Therefore, it also helps block nearly 75% of their heat as well. So people should make sure they strategically plant trees and more.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, notes that trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50% and can mask unwanted noises with pleasant sounds. People can really enjoy the great benefits that come from beautiful landscaping and more. Get help from talented landscaping experts to strategically plant trees that can help protect your home while also making it much more efficient as well!

In Conclusion

Each and every single year, there are so many people that set out to either buy a home or make big changes to their current home. As previously mentioned, this is a smart move on so many levels. First and foremost, homeowners can improve their efficiency or if they are selling they can increase their profits. The only thing people love more than saving money is making money. So take time to check out the facts on beautiful landscaping and more.

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