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When you are looking for a plumbing store staying local is always the best option if it is at all possible. Local plumbers have access to materials and products and can get the best prices available, so you are always taken care of. Whether you are looking for cheap plumbing repair services that can help you with maintenance and upkeep, or you need someone to have on call for those unfortunate plumbing emergencies, now is the time to find your local pros.

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Getting a root canal. Undergoing a routine colonoscopy. Eating your vegetables. Calling a plumbing repair company. These are all things that you may not look forward to, but they are a necessary part of life.

Unlike the root canal and the colonoscopy, when it comes to hiring a plumbing repair company, sometimes you can get away with doing the repair yourself. A little elbow grease and the right tools can sometime save you a few coins on a bill for plumbing services. In some cases though, you should leave your plumbing repairs to the pros. Five situations where you should always bring in a professional from a licensed plumbing company instead of attempting to do your own repairs include:

    1. Anything involving sewer line repairs. When the plumbing repair you need involves the pipes that cart the icky stuff away from your home, do yourself a favor and hire a pro. Raw sewage contains toxic matter that could be very hazardous to your own health and the health of the inhabitants in your house if it is done incorrectly. Not to mention, your sewer lines are buried underground and have to be dug up by a professional anyways.


    1. When your stubborn clog that is in it to win it. You’ve tried everything that Google has for clearing your clogged pipes: You’ve poured boiling water down the drain. You tried baking soda and vinegar for oxidizing the clog. You tried a plunger. Stop yourself before you use a store-bought drain cleaners; those bad boys corrode your pipes and cost you a lot of money in repairs in the end anyways. Bringing in a plumbing repair company to hydro-jet your pipes (a high-powered water jet that pushes the clogs and debris out of your system) is inexpensive, and will bring them back to their nearly-new condition.


    1. When the repair also involves a natural gas line. Being involved in a gas line explosion is not as mild as Wile E. Coyote makes it seem in the Looney Tunes cartoons; you aren’t left slightly singed but otherwise capable of chasing a roadrunner for miles and miles. Gas lines are explosive and can ignite quickly if you make a mistake. Not to mention, even mild gas leaks can be deadly. Do you not try to make a plumbing repair that involve digging down to the pipes on your own; if you had a gas pipe, it’s very expensive, and more importantly put your life at risk.

      Likewise, if your plumbing work involves an appliance that also has a gas line hooked up to it (such as your hot water heater), go ahead and let a pro handle it!


    1. When that leaky faucet just won’t quit. Repairing the gaskets in and around your faucet is a fairly simple fix that you can probably DIY. If that does not fix your leaky faucet, it might be worth the time and money to call in a plumbing repair company. Even mildly leaky faucet wastes an average of 3,000 gallons of water per year; this equals about 180 full-length showers! Calling in a pro to fix that leak will pay for itself on your water bill in a short matter of time. Also, in some circumstances, a stubborn leak can be an indication of deeper issues in the pipes behind the walls. Getting a pro to take a look at it before you have extensive damage will save you money in the long run.


  1. When the work requires a licensed and insured professional. When you install a hot water heater or a dishwasher, sometimes the instructions specifically suggest using a professional. If you go ahead and install it yourself, it could void the warranties even if you do not break the appliance in the process. In this case, do yourself a favor, and hire a professional.

    In other situations, such as major home projects, require building permits from the city or county that you live in. In most cases, in order to qualify for the permit, you need the work to be signed off by a licensed professional. Failing to follow the requirements of the permit will result in fines.

Did we leave anything off our list of plumbing DIY Don’ts? Please share your input in the comment section!

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