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Why Choose Hardwood Flooring

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The floor of your home is one of the most valuable, yet often underappreciated, aspects of your house. Even though it serves a basic function, it adds much more to your living experience than many people realize. Getting the right hardwood flooring can add considerable value to your home. It also can help boost the overall feel and comfort of the home for you and your family. Here are some advantages of hardwood flooring.

A High Quality Finish

Hardwood gives your home that classic feel many homeowners crave. In a world filled with attractive, yet inauthentic options, one of the best advantages of hardwood flooring is the tangible value it adds to your living experience. Instead of stepping on laminate flooring every day and feeling the inferior quality, you get to feel the real thing. This gives your home more value in the short term because it simply makes you and your family feel better. However, it also adds value in the long term as well. People often prefer real hardwood flooring over laminate, and this makes your home more valuable to them when it comes time to make a purchasing decision. One of the other advantages of hardwood flooring is the fact that it can be refinished. This also helps you maintain the quality of the flooring for many years to come. Other types of flooring cannot be sanded down and given a nice protective coat. They very often have to be replaced altogether. This is expensive. It also requires a lot of work to go out and try to find the right grain, color, or pattern to complement what’s already there. Even if the right product is available, it is unlikely that it will match what is already in the home. This is due to the effects of fading and general wear. Even laminate and vinyl products wear out and fade over time. They may still look very good, but it would be hard to get an exact match when trying to replace a section of the floor. With real hardwood flooring, the area and those that surround it can be sanded down, and any color discrepancies can be ameliorated using feathering and blending techniques.

Versatile Options

The number of options is what many homeowners see as one of the greatest advantages of hardwood flooring. There are a plethora of different kinds of hardwoods out there. Each wood has its own unique hardness and character. The hardness can be chosen to meet the needs of you and your family. If you have young ones, you may prefer a floor that is able to withstand the impacts of dropped gadgets and various rolling toys and playthings. You may also want to keep in mind how a dropped knife, pot or another utensil may affect the character of the floor. Will anyone be walking on the floor in high heels? Is it likely that boots with small stones stuck in between the treads may bring potential dings to your floor? All of these things and others can be taken into consideration as you choose the hardness of your floor. The color and pattern of the hardwood floor is another advantage. You may be able to match or complement living room furniture if you choose the right shade of floor. You can even choose flooring that would be easy to coordinate with different colors of carpet. This can make future interior design decisions easier.


While some hardwood floors are pricey, many others can be found at a reasonable cost. Some of them can be in the same price range as many laminate flooring options. There’s no need to break the bank. Also, due to the expansive variety of choices, you are more likely to be able to locate a floor that fits both your tastes and budget. Ninety percent of homeowners would rather have either hardwood flooring or tile in the kitchen. Hardwood flooring, contrary to popular belief is easy to maintain in the kitchen due to its water-resistant finish. The advantages of hardwood flooring are many and varied. The key is to get the flooring that best fits your needs and budget. Getting the flooring you love will pay in the short term and is sure to make any future buyers happy as well.

3 Creative Ideas For Your Lawn Renovation

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While you might not always think about the appearance of your home’s lawn, it can have a fairly significant impact on the appearance of your home. However, not everyone loves a classic, green stretch of turf both in front of and behind your home. For the more creative and individual homeowners out there, you might be looking for something a bit more unique. Here are just a few lawn renovation ideas to ask your lawn care company about next time you’re considering new landscaping options.

Wildflower Gardens

Plenty of people love the look of a well-kept garden but can’t manage the care and time it takes to have one in their own yard. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider adding a wildflower garden to your front or back yard. These gardens tend to be helpful to your local pollinators like birds, bees, and helpful insects, as well as requiring less care. This is because wildflowers you’ll find available near you are local to your climate, meaning they’ll grow healthily with little intervention.

Turf Alternatives

Has mowing your lawn got you down this summer? You’re not alone. Grass can be shockingly difficult to maintain, and yet many of us use it for the main plant in our lawns. Front and back lawns in the U.S. collectively contain almost 21 million acres of grass. Instead, you might want to ask your local lawn care company about a complete lawn makeover with a lower maintenance turf option like clover. Just be sure to check with any homeowners’ associations before you start your lawn renovation; not all plant options are available depending on your local codes and regulations.

Water-Smart Systems

Lawns aren’t always designed with the most efficient irrigation systems in mind. Next time you’re looking at lawn renovation, be sure to take into account drainage and erosion solutions, as well as ways you can conserve water while still keeping your lawn looking beautiful. Maybe replace a few sections of lawn with stone, or otherwise cut down on just how much of your lawn needs to be watered. There are plenty of unique options out there for homeowners looking to do something a little bit different with their next lawn renovation.